JHB Airlines Fleet

Aircraft for the FSX Family and X-Plane

JHB Airlines Fleet Information 2019

From the start of 2019 we dropped the list of FS2004-aircraft and will instead provide and maintain a list of “tested-FSX-aircraft”. We will also be providing aircraft for X-Plane andP3D.

Sometime during 2019 this list will be completed and kept online to provide these textures as a service for as long as still needed. The aircraft listed on this page can be installed and flown in FSX (latest version with Service Pack (SP)2 or Steam Edition). They have all been tested to work in a complete installation of FSX SP2.  They may be not perfect, but they work).

With the proper knowledge they could also be installed and work in earlier versions of FSX, FS2004 or even in early (32-bits versions) of P3D, however this has not been documented or tested.

All aircraft are based on freeware models, either default FS aircraft or from a source where a link is provided and author of the original design acknowledged.

The files available here are either as texture sets only or, where the source may not be easy to locate, as full aircraft downloads. In all cases, they are freeware and they are provided “as-is”.

Disclaimer (because all flight simulator computers and software installations are different) : JHB Airlines Virtual Airline does not guarantee that it will work for you or that you will like the result. Make backups of what you have before installing (make sure you can revert). If you do not like the result, just remove it from your computer, it is freeware. The aircraft and repaints are made “just-for-fun” and are provided “as-is”. JHB Airlines Virtual Airlines cannot  be responsible if anything goes wrong.